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Personal Assistant

24/7/365, Just one phone call away. The personal assistant service number is there for you when you need concierge services, business services, medical services, assistance in emergency situations or Interpretation help. We speak more than 100 languages.

  • How to use personal assistant service?

Simply dial +372991 on your phone!*

* for bglosim related questions dial +37254600390 or send mail to

Special offer
You can get unlimited access to personal assistant at no extra cost! You pay only the rate of outgoing call in the host country.

  • Some typical situations when you could use personal assistant’s help
  • “I need to translate from Italian to English.”
  • “How do I get from the airport to the city centre?”
  • “I am late for my flight!”
  • “I’ve been pick-pocketed!”
  • “I need to organise a birthday party.”
  • “I’d like to find about the events in this area and buy tickets.”
  • “What is the weather forecast for the next three days?”
  • “Please book me a table in a good Italian restaurant for five persons.”
  • “Please advice a shopping mall in the area.”
  • '' Where can i get Tax free shopping?''
  • '' What bank notes can I use in Spain?''
  • '' Where can I change Currency?''
  • '' Can I work in France?''.
  • '' I need a business Advisor.''
  • “I have a toothache. Could you tell me the closest dentist?”
  • “I’m ill, should I see a doctor? Where should I go?”
  • “Is it safe to venture outside my hotel for coffee?”
  • “Which vaccinations do I need to go to Bali?”

And much more!!.....................................................................

Personal Asistant: Available 24/7/365, We make your trips enjoyable!

Just dial  372991, that's all!