• We offer several packages with different volume and time duration usage. You can select the package you want and mark the corresponding USSD code in your phone. You can order any other package for an unlimited number of times. The data package becomes activated as soon as the order is done, package cost is being deducted immediately from credit balance.

Remember to set up internet for your phone to be able to use the packages. To set up internet, Put;

Access Point Name (APN):

User name: enter your BgloSim number, e.g. 3721231234

Password: leave the field blank

(For  BLOSIM CHAT CARD ONLY, put APN : msg.)

How to control and reduce traveling data and call costs?
We suggest that you use Onavo app. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Onavo puts smartphone and tablet users in control of their mobile data usage.

Important notices

  • Only one package can be activated at once.

  • Data package becomes activated as soon as the order through USSD-command is made (even in the country not listed above). The package cost is taken immediately.

  • The package is completed either when the ordered amount of data is used, or when duration time is reached.

  • It is possible to order a new data package when the data amount has been finished, despite the duration time of this package.

  • If the amount of data hasn’t been used, the client cannot order a new package. To order a new package the current one has to be deactivated with USSD-command. In case of deactivation, unused amount of data will expire and money will not be refunded.

  • Daily AUTO package is activated only when data session is initiated in one of the countries from the list. The package cost is taken from user’s balance immediately when Daily AUTO package is activated.

  • If customer uses data in one of the countries next day, the Daily AUTO package will resume its service automatically and the package cost is taken immediately from user’s balance.

  • Please note that these packages are not valid for TravelSim Data card.

Enjoy your stay!