Please remember that rates are calculated based on country of stay at the moment of call. We charge a flat rate to call from a place to the world! For example, It costs you the same 0.25€ to call from China to any other country in other continents of the world. (extra rates might apply while calling to a few countries). It costs 0.15€ to call within Europe.

We have a DISCOUNT PACKAGE which allows you to call from any European country to most countries of the world at a reduced rate of  0,13€ for a year. Package is renewable on a yearly basis.
To activate package dial on your phone *146*931*1#
To deactivate *146*930*1#
To check status dial *146*932*1#
 Package activation cost is 0.99.
The first minute of an outgoing call is billed according to your current rate plan. Starting from the second minute the price is 0.13 per minute. Valid for 360 calendar days after activation.



Function and quality are guaranteed by cooperation amongst all supporting mobile network operators in 145 countries worldwide. With the BgloSIM, the mobile phone is reachable in all 193 countries; in many of them, there is no roaming fee for inbound calls, meaning that incoming calls are free of charge. This is of great benefit to people who find themselves in many destinations or are just traveling around. It is also possible to receive and send SMS from all countries for the same low costs. Signed contracts between the manufacturer and all roaming partners in 193 countries enable savings up to 85%.


BGloSIM numbers are charged a flat reduced rate to call BGloSIM numbers in most countries. We soon hope to make bglosim to bglosim totally free!