Offer includes bglosim card with the possibility of a temporal USA number after network registration in stated countries.

  • Can be used in all unlocked phones.                                                                                                 
  • Receive calls and data everywhere and anytime around the world.                                                             
  • NO COSTS for incoming calls in  over 150 countries,                                                                           
  • Cheap international calls and sms from 0,06€
  • No contract, No monthly fees
  • Excellent Network coverage in over 195 countries
  • full cost control, online billing
  • full web management
  • Free web calls
  • free incoming SMS worldwide
  • Save up to 85% of calls and data costs when travelling.
  • NO obligations to recharge or loose number.
  • Number never expires! Your number remains yours always!!

BGLOSIM(USA) is the best option for people who live or visit the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Allows for cheaper calls in the mentioned countries.
Also offers Excellent world wide coverage