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Q: How do rates work?
A: The calling rates depend only on the country of your stay. E.g. if you stay in China, you pay nothing for incoming calls and flat per minute rate for all outgoing calls. It does not matter where you call: to China, or your home country, or anywhere else in the world.
However, there are a few destinations with additional rates. If you call from anywhere to one of these places, there is an extra rate addition to an outbound call price.
There’s special rate of €0.18 for outgoing calls to BgloSim numbers and to voicemail in the countries with free incoming calls. E.g. if you stay in Norway (where incoming calls are free), you call a friend’s Bglobal Travel Sim or your voicemail for just €0.18. Even if your friend is in a country with charged incoming calls.
A text message costs €0.8 within the E.U and some Countries and otherwise mostly €0.35 in other countries Incoming text messages in all countries are free of charge.
You can download all rates in cost & coverage section. The prices are continuously falling, which means that you will be able to talk longer in the future for the same money.

Q: How do I get worldwide access to WiFi?
A: Bglobal Travel Sim offers a service called Trustive SimWifi, which helps travellers get comprehensive, international WiFi access to more than 300,000 WiFi hotspots around the world through a single click. Customers can use their Bglobal Travel Sim balance to get WiFi access, no credit card details required. Click here to find out more.

Q: How do I earn MobileMiles?
A: Earn bonus miles with your Bglobal Travel Sim when you are travelling abroad and making phone calls. Choose from over 25 loyalty programs (Miles & More by Lufthansa, One Pass by Continental, Marriott Rewards and many more) offered by MobileMiles!
You will earn 1 mile per minute for making calls. You will also earn 1 mile per minute for receiving calls. For more information and registration visit www.mobilemiles.com

Q: How do I use personal assistant services?
A: Simply dial +372991 on your Bglo Travel Sim phone.
What is the personal assistant service?
The personal assistant service number is there for you when you need concierge services, business services, medical services, assistance in emergency situations or interpretation help. Find out more.

Q: How do I use Call-Waiting?
A: Call-Waiting can be enabled or disabled in the menu of your handset, please refer to the phone’s manual.
When the call-waiting feature is activated, the active call can be placed on hold while another incoming call can be picked up. After finishing the conversation the user can return to the first call. Moreover, it is possible to place the active call on hold, dial another number and after talking come back to the first call. Please note that if the feature is active and the user places the call on hold, both calls will be billed: the one that is active and the one that is placed on hold.

Q: How do I redirect calls?
A: During the time between the trips, you can redirect calls coming to your Bglo Travel Sim number to any international number. There is no additional cost for redirection to numbers of over 130 countries.
To activate call redirection
With Bglobal Travel Sim in your handset, dial *146*081*00-country code-phone number#, e.g. *146*081*0044123456789#you can now switch the phone off, all incoming calls will be redirected to the specified number. To disable call redirection
With Bglobal Travel Sim in your handset, dial *146*080#.